Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights

Every generation will retell our shared myths with the pigment of the age, and the brush of our experiences. This is why perpetual copyright is so poisonous, locking up stories with legal chains causes our greater culture to wither away, dying on the vine. We have today a classic unburdened by such binds, Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights, a retelling of one of the greats; and this retelling is truly a spectacle to behold. We have a full-length novel here, and this took me the better part of several days to absorb and enjoy. There are deeper issues at play here than a simple retelling, and I shall explain.

We live today in a culture of sexualized myths, where sex is open and on display, the images used in commerce and trade are all measured by their eroticism, and we are rated as people on virility or femininity, sexual perfection, and on our sexual potency. It is the culture we live in, be it good and bad at the same time, and the stories we tell reflect this nature. When a retelling of a classic comes along reflecting the past in the light of today, you can be sure I shall be interested and magnetically drawn to such an attempt. Here we have today’s openness and frankness about sex, combined with the classic sensibilities of the past. Two things could result, we could endure a porn-like parody of the classic, or be treated to a fresh and somewhat more honest portrayal of the original work. I am happy to say we have the latter here, an erotic retelling that actually gives us a deeper insight into the original work.

I shall pause and cover two things, the cover, and the quality of the text. Both are very good: the cover is stylish and sexy, red ribbon bondage in the dark, with a fair woman’s face hidden in shame. I love it, classic with a nod to the classic, and with a sexy flair all its own. The text quality is great, we have some dialog tag issues, but this reflects upon the original, so it is a necessary grammatical nod to the original. I forgive, since we are retelling a classic, if the classic has quirks and traits all its own – these must be preserved. It is an honest and special gift of an author for a retelling to adopt the style of the original, and here it is done with verve and flair, and it makes this read perfectly at home alongside the original.

The heat level is moderate, the sex scenes themselves are burning hot, and also reflect the sensibilities of the era – you will find a neatly trimmed pussy here, but every woman isn’t a shaved porn queen with balloon-like implants. We have real people here, with sex told in the style and manner of the time, with a couple nods to bondage and oral sex, which in truth, most likely existed in these times as well. Some of our kinks and sexual antics have been transplanted back into the past in this work, but it is a welcome bit of today being told upon back then, making the sex and sexuality feel real for us today. I liked some of the scenes being setup almost like a classy porn scene of today, if it were true to the times, we would have all sorts of issues like sex through sheets with holes in them, lesbians being witches, or other norms of the day that would seem strange to us today. This is being told with a nod to today’s sexual liberties, so I understood the allowances made here, and welcome them.

I will step back a moment and say that this is a beautiful book, told impeccably well, and honest and true to the original. We get to peek in the bedroom doors of these characters, imagining them in new and sultry ways; and in doing so, get a better understanding of them as people. We look through the glasses of today’s sexual proclivities, and we are brought closer to them as real and understandable human beings. The sex is just a vehicle to be brought into their world, living their situations, and we can feel their emotions and motivations in a purer form. I know there is someone out there decrying the soiling of a classic; but this is an artful, skilled, and wonderful retelling of a classic as has been done by our culture uncounted times before with the classics such as Snow White and many other fairy tales. The classic shall still stand as a whole for the test of time; but having another view, although this one more sexual, gives our generation a different way to look at the same. Perspective breeds a greater understanding, and lets us ask questions upon the original we may have never thought to ask.

Highly recommended as intellectual, powerful erotica that makes us question the past, while looking at ourselves in the present. A reflection if you will. Those looking for a short, steamy, Penthouse Letters style of instant gratification should look elsewhere; this is intelligent erotica, questioning erotica, and I highly enjoyed the read.