My Husband’s Adventures

Anyhow, I had been contemplating making peace with Alicia. Enough time had passed. I had been thinking about her ever since Jackson got a landscaping gig on her property. I’m not sure if Alicia was trying to make amends with me by hiring Jackson, but it got me reconsidering our stupid girl-feud.

I’ll never know why I was compelled to do this, but one day, after cashing in a sick day so I could take Chelsea to an eye appointment, I made up a lunch for Jackson and his crew. For the first time in my history as a housewife, I decided to surprise my husband with a hot meal.

Pulling into the driveway, I saw Jackson’s truck. No sign of him or his crew. I peeked around the ivy-lined fence. Nothing out back, either. But the glass patio door was open. Suspicious, I invited myself in. Two melting drinks on the tea table, iced teas barely touched.

And then I heard it. It sounded like a woman in distress. Banging sounds, yells. Heart pounding, I thought about calling 911. But where the fuck was Jackson? Cellphone in hand, finger on the emergency button, I moved quickly down the hallway toward the noise.

As I headed for the ruckus, I realized those noises sounded a lot more ecstatic than distressed. Still, I told myself, Alicia might be in trouble; I needed to see what I needed to see. One more corner on padded carpet, and I peeked around the bedroom door, which was wide open.

The scene was everything I’d never wanted to see…

My Husband’s Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull

It’s like reading some cuckold queen’s perverse diary of debauchery and sin.

And that’s why I love it.

Today we dive into a unique perspective of cuckolding and wife sharing from the point of view of a wife of a ‘bull’ and I was lost the very soon after I stepped into this book. When I started, we had the typically trying back-history bit of getting started info dump, and I felt that familiar feeling of a slow narrative start, but then something changed.

A good reader knows when they are being setup by a master, and this tingled my sexy-sense and snapped onto me like one of those powerful rare-earth magnets. I akin this to the feeling a horror movie aficionado gets if the start of a scary movie feels a little slow; but damn, the tension is being ratcheted up as tight as the strap of a pipe wrench is on the pipe of my shower-head by some sexy plumber that I want to check the plumbing with.

If you know what I mean.

So the slow start builds, and diverges a little bit with a husband she leaves and never gets involved with again throughout the book. Okay, so another man drops in, and the fun begins as the well-endowed male piece of female fantasy drops into the book and literally hangs out with us for a while. And I do mean hangs out in the quite literal sense of the word.

Object of my desire, meet our hotwife trying to control this bull of a man.

And from there the rodeo begins as our couple meets female rider after rider, with differing situations of work and relationship, crazy schemes and lustful admissions, and the men who these wives can’t please sitting in the crowd slack-jawed and pencil-membered as our husband breaks each and every one of these hot female filly wives.

This is told in past-tense and almost in a style that reminded me of a naughty admission years after the fact, and the power still had me gripped from the first ride to the last, bittersweet moment. Normally I like present tense, but here, we dip in and out of the history of these two entirely from her perspective, slowing down time in the most intimate of moments, and then hand-waving off months or weeks as we setup the next encounter. The book is remarkably well paced and has a strong sense of beats and timing, yet it also has a strong sense of patience when it sets up the next forbidden thrill.

Great heat must be built to, and this book does a wonderful job setting up multiple partners with each encounter wonderfully different and delicious all the same.

Another wonderfully strong point is the description of the build up and climax of each encounter, focusing almost clinically but yet still powerfully on the woman’s point of view and feeling of that climb and release. I found the descriptions here of those ‘building points’ and how each woman reached that apex in a different yet still satisfying way to be one of the really memorable takeaways here. Rarely do I find a book that treats every woman as a different and special garden to explore, with secret places that make each feminine grotto special, and with unique and sensual ways each one of these bloom in a dewy climax.

I wanted just a little more playful spanking here, I know that it not some people’s thing, but the thought of her husband leaving another wife’s cheeks slightly pink and flush for the other man to see gets me off – at least in this context. A little something to remember him by, you know the feeling.

Here, there is a wonderful collection of different and special women we are treated to, with each one of them bringing in a different experience and rising to the climactic heights in a different and beautiful way.

Alicia tried to break the tension. “Let me get us … another round of…” and she escaped to the kitchen.

But somehow, I knew what to do.

“Alicia, that won’t be necessary,” I called after her. “Why don’t you and Jackson head to the bedroom while Brad and I have a chat.”

Alicia’s conflicted expression relaxed into relief. At least she knew how to play this particular part. She and Jackson headed inside after exchanging a knowing look that annoyed me no end. That left me to the awkwardness of Brad.

Things got even more bizarre. Brad wasn’t what you would call a chillaxed stoner. He seemed twitchy. Settling into my chair, I sipped my cocktail as if Brad and I were old pals. I was starting to enjoy his predicament.

Brad was fed up.

“Why … w-why are you doing this?” he stammered.

“Well, Brad, you like to watch. What gives you the right to watch and not me?”

Awkwardness, stumbling engagement, and losing our way through things which are not supposed to happen.

Yet they do, behind closed doors and never spoke of, even in whispers between lovers or friends.

These things happen in the blistering heat of the moment, and yet we go on living like they are the normal state of affairs between us. Some couples can, and others can’t. Here, we have a couple that dangerously straddles that line, and even after this should have become routine it still never seems so.

The danger is there all the way to the end, yet in this danger we find truth.

This is a book which is going to stay in my mind for a while, seeding the fantasies within. Highly recommended for cuckold fans and those who like a little mystery and danger to wife sharing and cuckolding.

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